Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Adentures

So quite a bit has happened recently. I went to Kirkland on Thursday to interview with a nanny agency and it was beautiful. I have pictures below, but I really haven't found a part of Seattle that I don't like. It is all so wonderful and green. Kirkland is on Lake Washington and has a park that has a roped off swimming area and sand volleyball (which Davis and I love to play).

Then one night while Davis and I were watching Planet Earth, Beast got interested because of the animals. It was the funniest things I have ever seen Beast do. He wanted in the screen. He was so concerned about the animals. The pictures below look like Beast is just starring at the wall because my camera's flash made the picture from the projector disappear, but it was there I promise.

Another crazy night....On Thursday I questioned about chairs on Craigslist. She responded and said we could pick them up Friday night. So last night we went to West Seattle to pick up our new fabulous chairs. As we were going through the 18 chairs picking the best 6 for us, we were making small talk with the lady and she asked us what we did for a living. Of course I said I was an accountant and Davis was an IT guy. She asked if I had a job and I responded with no. She said that's ironic because I am the Regional VP of Robert Half Accounting and Finance. Small World huh? Anyway, she gave me a business card and I am going to call her on Monday. Buying our 6 chairs may have secure me a job...crazy and very unexpected. Her husband told us a little bit about West Seattle and how it has great views of the city at night so then we drove to downtown West Seattle and took pictures of the city (the pictures do not do the real view justice at all).


Coming back from Kirkland
The city from West Seattle
The Space Needle from West Seattle
Beast wanting to be on Planet Earth
Beast so confused as to why he couldn't befriend the animals on Planet Earth
The mountain view on the way to KirklandCrossing Lake Washington back into the cityUniversity of Washington's football stadium...the 2 things that look like snakes

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