Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy Asian

Davis worked from home most of the week, but he left this morning for California. He will only be gone 2 nights this time. He is in Napa Valley. He flies back Saturday morning just in time for our dinner Saturday night with a Deloitte partner. I am not sure how he did it being a newbie, but he landed us dinner with a partner which I think is totally awesome. Although I have no idea what to take as a gift?!?

I started studying again today..yay! I am taking the next part of the CPA October 2nd, the day before my mom arrives. I finally told her that she was making a trip to Seattle! It was a birthday surprise for her. The weekend of October 3rd mom is coming to Seattle and we are going to have a great time being girls in the city! I am super excited.

The title of this post comes from our last night story. We decided to go out to eat because we usually eat out once a week and Davis was leaving for 2 nights so it made since to do it last night. Anyway, we chose this Japanese place nearby and it was most definitely the most authentic Japanese I had ever had. I ordered something (I am not even sure) that came with an egg still in the shell, not cooked. She told me to put it in my soup (which was my dinner). It was a soup with tofu, beef, onions, rice noodles, lettuce, and who knows what else. So I cracked the egg and it was an uncooked egg (I at least thought it might have been boiled). Davis told me I was suppose to put it in my soup so I did. The meal was great, but different from any Japanese restaurant back home. I had never had soup with a raw egg in it!

Another great story from this week... Davis needed a helmet and we needed a lock for our bikes so we went to the bike shop on Tuesday. Our next stop was the bank. Davis decided to take one of the steepest hills to the bank. I was biking with a lock and papers from his helmet in my hand and as I started up the hill my bike shifted up a gear. Needless to say I wasn't going to make it up the hill. I looked up the hill and Davis was at the top and I didn't think he was going to look back for me so I decided I would just ride back to the apartment and wait. He decided to go on to the bank. I waited at the apartment for him and when he didn't show I figured he had went on to the bank so I left heading to the bank. When i finally made it to the bank....he wasn't there (go figure), so I headed home. Upon arriving at the apartment I found him waiting on me because I had the keys. We decided at that moment that from now on we have to have a back-up plan for these kinds of events. That is a short version of how we lost one another this week while biking.

I hope everyone remembered the fair was going on in Knoxville. It is Sept 5 -14. I am sad that I am missing it. I started going with Maggie when I was young and have always loved going. Although I do have cotton candy close by here which is almost the entire reason for going to the fair!

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