Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time with Tot

This past week/weekend I was in Phoenix spending girl time with my college roommate and best friend (or at least one of my best friends)! It was a great time, but really Tot and I could be in the worst place ever with nothing to do and still have a blast.....I guess that's what best friends do.

I flew down there Wednesday night and returned yesterday so it was a nice long break from chilly/rainy weather. It was nice there, still shorts weather which still blows my mind because it is October!!

Day 1:
Tosha decided to take me hiking (not only did she decide to take me hiking but she chose Camelback mountain to hike). This probably doesn't mean much to most of you so I will just let you know that on our way up the mountain a guy passing us on his way down says and I quote "Almost there, this is the hardest one". The "almost there" part didn't phase me because I felt like Tosha had been telling me that for the last 30 minutes! The "this is the hardest one" kinda had an impact considering I am in no hiking shape, but we did indeed finally make it to the top. Just for reference Camelback is an ascend of 1,280 feet in a little over a mile (which means it is STEEP).
Camelback Mtn from the street
a very tall Cactus
on the way up....downtown Phoenix in the distance
we are about to climb this
at the top...yay!
a beautiful golf course
on the way down

Day 2: We drove to the top of South Mtn which looks across the city to Camelback
view of downtown
top of South Mtn

Day 3: GAME DAY.....in reliving our college past, of course we had to celebrate and cheer on the Vols! It was a great game in that we almost beat Alabama #2, but we did lose in the end.
Our attempt to dress like our favorite college mascot, Smokey
Tosha being Smokey
taking a shot right before we lose, everyone is crossing their fingers for the fieldgoal
after the game, we carved pumpkins and these are the outcomes (I think we did a job well done)

Thanks Tot for a great weekend! I love you and I am talking to UW about B May's acceptance! Also, thank you Davis for encouraging me to go (you always seem to know when I need it)!

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