Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sharing Tables

The population is so dense in Hong Kong that at lunch you have to share tables. For example, if you were a party of 2 at Ruby Tuesday's and they didn't have any table available instead of putting you on a wait list, they would seat you with another party of 2 or a party of 1.

Yesterday I was able to experience this at lunch. They say that either a restaurant is packed or empty therefore you know whether it is good or bad, so yesterday I found a packed restaurant and decided it was the one. I told them I was 1 and they sat me at a table with 2 other men, the other 2 men weren't together either. It was an interesting experience eating lunch with 2 men not only whom I did not know, but with whom I could not talk to either because they didn't speak English. We ate our lunch in silence, well our table was silent. There were at least one hundred others in this tiny place talking.

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