Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hong Kong - Day 1

Well first off I need to write this in because I forgot about it yesterday, but the woman sitting next to me on the plane yesterday was a little old Asian lady. The whole flight she was either up walking around or sitting in her seat with the blanket pulled up over her head so that you could not see an inch of her body (it was the strangest thing)! Don't worry, if you can't picture this in your head....we took a picture.
that is a person next to me
we won our in flight game
flight food...yum yum!

in Tokyo..yay!
the toilet with the flushing

Day 1 - I woke up this morning and Davis griped that is was too early at 9:30 (this is why he is napping right now). We left the hotel and just started walking. We decided to explore on our own before asking the concierge what to do. We soon realized that restaurants do not open before noon on Sundays and Davis was we keep walking. We looked at a million menus because all of the restaurants were closed before coming across an Indian buffet (and we love Indian buffets) :) It was delicious as always. After settling Davis' stomach we hit the streets again this time walking along the water and we ran into Avenue of Stars (which is like Hollywood Blvd in CA except all Asian people)...needless to say we didn't know any of them except Bruce Lee. There was a cool movie theme set-up with statues looking like a TV crew with cameras and a director chair statue that Davis thought was real and we were going to be on TV which was HILARIOUS!

After walking along the waterfront (Victoria Harbor), we went window shopping. There is sooooo much shopping and people wanting to sell you everything! Now we are back at the hotel for a much needed catnap for Davis!
in Hong Kong & soooo exhausted
the Hong Kong taxi...they all like alike and they are Toyotas
the slot by the front door for the key so they you can have lights
Davis and a double-decker (all of their buses are double-deckers)

cross walk
a very unique's a mall
palm trees, who knew?
leaving the Harbor & the tallest building
Asians protecting themselves from the sun

we saw multiple weddings today
Bruce Lee
the movie set that Davis thought was real

Peking Duck...yum!

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colonel sanders and citibank, they are great pictures