Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 5

My day thus far…I woke up and ate breakfast with Dave (it is our favorite meal of the day)! After breakfast I went for a swim and to my surprise 5 others had the same idea. I didn’t think swimming would be on the agenda for most people at 11am on a Thursday morning, but I was wrong. I talked to mom on FB and then I off to find some lunch. I ended up at Starbucks on the waterfront with the best Spinach Ricotta Pie ever (for less than $3, well for me it was free because I have gift cards) and a wonderful view as well. After lunch I decided to mosey back here because it is soooo HOT out there. I have plans to go look for a deal on a swimmer’s suit, but it is just too hot to be out there right now.

Plans for tonight….we are going to hit up the Temple St Night Market, which is ultimately a man’s market I think. We are hoping to get Davis a tailored suit for CHEAP! I will let you know how that goes. We are also have an American night with Pizza Hut. We are going to go get a pizza and take it to the waterfront to watch the light show. I am going to video it apparently (my husband told me to), so maybe I will be able to post it for all.


Mr. RT said...

You have a very entertaining blog, and you two make a great couple! Enjoy LIFE

-Mr RT

girl community said...

you are a good couple, you look so happy, I like it.