Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, a busy busy day!

After breakfast I headed back to the Ladies market to score some more deals before leaving on Sunday. I finished my list of to buys...yay! Davis only had to work a 1/2 day, and since his work was at the airport which is on Lantau Island, I met him over at his work and we went to explore the Island.

We decided to ride a cable car to see the "Big Buddha". The Big Buddha was definitely a must see for me. It's called the Big Buddha! The name makes it a must see.

Wikipedia Facts:
Ngong Ping 360 is a dynamic new tourism experience, which combines a stunning 5.7 km cable car journey with an impressive cultural themed village and easy access to the Tian Tan Buddha Statue, the world’s largest, seated, outdoor, bronze Buddha statue.

On Ngong Ping Plateau, where the Tian Tan Buddha (or "Giant Buddha"), an 85-foot-high bronze Buddha statue, various monastery buildings and a vegetarian restaurant can be found. Walkers can ascend from Tung Chung to the monastery in two hours. Visitors can also take a 25 minutes ride on Ngong Ping Cable Car from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping Plateau.

After walking up a TON of stairs and riding the cable car back down, we headed back to Hong Kong Island. Our next stop was Modern Toilet, a restaurant. Yes, it sounds gross, but funny thing about Hong Kong is when they say Toilet, they mean bathroom. So this restaurant bathroom themed restaurant and it was AWESOME. The seats are toilets and the food comes served in toilets, tubs, urinals, etc. http:

After eating we went to a really cool home store called homeless.

Restroom signs
at the night market
my view at lunch!

Friday's Pictures:
he works soo hard
looking back from where we came
the airport island....the whole island is reclaimed land, CRAZY!
looking ahead
from whence we came
again backwards
look at that sag in the line
we see Big Buddha
Buddha from a far
Davis being silly.
Rats are apparently a problem in some parts of Hong Kong. In this picture you will notice an extra large one in a red shirt.
lots of steps
us at the was much colder up there, Davis was a gentleman and lent me his coat
Almost to the top!

So strong!!
High five Mr. Buddha!
Model posing looking off into the distance.
Nazi Buddha!
A full picture of the HUGE Buddha.
Hong Kong's busy "Times Square"
A look into Modern Toilet. Click the picture to zoom and and notice the showerheads and plumbing decorating the walls.
A face cutout of a girl peeing in a urinal? Only in Asia!

Chicken curry out of a toilet. Yummy!
Our bath tub banana split. The bottom layer is chocolate flavored blended ice. It was actually a lot better than it sounds.
Modern Toilet gets two thumbs up from the Bensons!
A closer view of our seats at Modern Toilet.
He was so excited to get to eat at Modern Toilet (He has seen it on the internet before we came)
Fake poo in a sink at Modern Toilet.

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coffin confections said...

food out of a toilet? that is probably one of the grossest ideas ever. i love bathroom humor, but gee whiz! i don't think i could eat there. i don't think i could pass up going to such a kitchy place either. :) hope you had fun!