Monday, January 18, 2010

Quirky Hong Kong

Those of you on the email list received a premature this blog post I will describe a few tid bits about Hong Kong that have me and Davis a bit confused. I wanted to make sure I remembered all the random events to tell you so I made notes last night and accidentally published my notes and then deleted them therefore the email list got them anyway!

So without further a dew....

Vendors here call women "missy"'s like that is the only English they were taught (well and "very nice") so walking through the markets yesterday it was "missy, missy, very nice" and then I would low ball their price and they would say "come on missy" and I would walk away and they would say some other price above my offer and I would say my price again...this continued until they would say "ok missy"

There are a few complications with eating in this city and they are as follows:
The cooks look like nurse (this is not a complication, but it is odd). The wear head gear like the war nurses did back in the day, not hair nets!

The American way of eating is not acceptable here....the get in and get out. No, if you want to take a table for a few hours that is perfectly fine. Needless to say me and Davis have spent quite a bit of time at the table after meals here because they don't and won't bring the check until we ask.

No one drinks water here. It's all tea. So when we order water, they bring us a (ONE) bottle of water and when we run out.....we have to ask for more!

TIPS....leave one or not? I did research before coming out here that said that you do not tip here, BUT there is a tip line on the receipt. THIS IS NOT THE AKWARD PART! The odd part is when they bring the receipt to you, they stand there and wait for you to sign it so that they can hand you your copy! So it is very odd for them to stand there and watch you NOT leave a tip!

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