Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 3

the cook/nurse that I posted about yesterday is in the left side of the picture
our Chinese dinner that was great!

In a city where you can't overhear anyone's conversations and can't talk to most people, you notice more. You smile more, you are thankful for more, and you experience more. This trip has been amazing and yet I still have 4 more days and so much more to do! I always dreamed of going to China never thinking it would happen (because I hated flying 4 years ago), but at the age of 24 I am in Hong Kong living life to the fullest! and enjoying every moment!

Yesterday for lunch I went to what we would call a "food court" and some lady asked me in Cantonese (I guess) if she and her kids could sit next to me......I understood what she was asking by her body language and gestures so I responded with a nod and a smile. It felt good to be able to interact with someone in THEIR country without using English!

Davis and I stick out like sore thumbs here so we are constantly getting harassed to buy tailored suits, watches, and whatever else. It's funny walking down the street and watching them see us and try to get to us through the crowd of people just to propose their deals! as we keep on walking. Is it worth it? Apparently so!

Last night for dinner we went out with 2 Deloitte people from the Hong Kong office to a gourmet burger joint. They picked this place because they said that we would not feel out of place and they were right. It was mostly Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. I had no idea that a place like this existed. It was quite quaint, with little (seating maybe 30) restaurants and boutiques crammed in every nook.
I don't like traveling to foreign countries and doing the touristy things. I like seeing the locals in their everyday life and doing their own thing. This is why the markets were so special to me. I love our location. We are not in the financial district with all the business people, we are in midst of the locals.

Central-Mid-Levels escalator: in Hong Kong, tens of thousands of commuters travel each work day between Central, the central business district, and the Mid-levels, a residential district hundreds of feet uphill, using this long distance system of escalators and moving walkways. It is the world's longest outdoor escalator system (not a single escalator span), at a total length of 2,600 feet (790 m). It goes only one way at a time; the direction reverses depending on rush hour traffic direction

pig's foot...yum!
Butcher posing for me
Sadly we won't be here, but they are getting ready to celebrate 2010, the year of the Tiger. mid-Feb is their New Year
This is for Greg because he loves hot-dogs and these were HUGE
this is the only kind of police cars we have seen apparently they plan to arrest several at once every time!

I think Davis and I are going to the horse races tonight and we are going to place a bet if we can figure it out! Pictures to come tomorrow!


Tyler Ellis said...

Seems fitting that the Chinese zodiac would label this new year as the "year of the tiger" considering the amount of poaching has grown exponentially. It's ironic that the tiger could become extinct in the year of the tiger.

mom said...

Tyler would know that!