Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Home

We have been working all week on our house and it is slowly getting there! We have painted and painted again. We have done crafts, built things, and cleaned. AND WE LOVE IT! It's still not complete, but it is sooo much closer!

Entry - we painted, hung things on wall, and put together the black shoe storage
another picture so that you can see what the dogs leashed hang on...lil dog butts

our homemade art in the bathroom
washcloth holder
all things Asian themed, notice my bamboo frame on the mirror (another homemade craft)
yet another homemade item, our new rug that I made
I also made our pillows
trying to show the red detail in the rugs hem
we moved Davis's desk to the living room so that he has a better view
we bought my kitchen island (once the top is clean I will post a picture, but I have been using it as a sewing table) and attached rails to the bottom to hold my Le Creuset (thanks Mary, Mom, and Mamaw)!


Beast in his new jacket
Belle tried it on too

random picture of me and Sushil at Freddo's home warming
my husband is an amazing painter....this is our living room
because everyone should be able to see this when they wake up!


The Raymonds said...

where is a larger picture of the entire island??

Adam Chan said...

Your home is super awesome! Good job, Cindy and Davis!!!