Friday, December 18, 2009

Surprise! Spur of the moment trip to TN

This past week I went home for my sister's graduation. It was a HUGE surprise! Thanks to Chris, Mom, Greg, Dad, and Barb for making it possible. It couldn't have been a better week! Thanks for all of the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners too! :) Congratulations Mandy! You are awesome for being able to finish with 2 lil ones at home. It is a great accomplishment and I am so proud of you. All you really need to know is "gargle with warm salt water". I am pretty sure that cures everything! You are officially Mandy Smith Raymond (or Almond), FNP. yay!

This is at breakfast and Mandy has no idea that I am in TN much less there!
3 Graduate Alumni
Mandy is suppose to look like she is running, I am not sure she has ever ran before.
Family pic
Another Family pic...I am blessed with 2 terrific families
Nolan wearing Aunt Cinny's shades

I always try to do as much/see as many people as I can when I visit. This time I was allowed (it use to be against Mandy's rules for anyone to drive with the boys) to take the boys to the park and we had a blast. It was actually the 1st time EVER I was with the alone. They are growing up so fast and I love them so much! They are precious and I am so thankful that I look like my sister because I think that is the only reason they still come to me after not seeing me for 6 months. Sadly because there were 2 of them and 1 of me, I didn't take any pictures that day :(
In other news, mom and Greg bought a bus and I was the lucky one that got to help them move. It was a great day spent with them and at least we were able to move inside this huge garage. Isn't it a beauty. Now they can come to Seattle and spend months at a time or at least I am hoping for that.

the kitchen in the bus

I also was able to spend an afternoon with Lauren and Caroline. These are the 2 girls that I kept while in college for 4 years. They are my dolls and are growing up so quick too! It was great to see them and to catch up on everything. We spent the afternoon eating frozen yogurt and bowling. I love them and miss them, luckily the oldest emails and now has a cell phone so it's pretty easy to stay in touch.
The night before I left, I had dinner with Dad's crew. This includes my brother and his girlfriend and I am always glad that Dad plans this meal when I am in because I love to catch up with my brother and it's the only time I see him when I am in usually.
This is picture was to capture 4 generations. I love my mamaw, she always cooks for me when I come in and it is always pinto beans (oh how I love pintos)!

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