Friday, August 1, 2008

Phoenix is way too HOT for us!

So we left Houston Wednesday morning at 630. Texas was a very long and boring drive. San Antonio is the last big city before El Paso which is on the border (500+ miles away). That is a lot of driving with absolutely nothing to see. The exits were few and far between and when there was one, it only consisted of a gas station. So in a nutshell Texas stinks as a state. The only thing we were halfway excited about was to see the desert. Little did we know that Texas doesn't really have a desert. Neither does New Mexico (which we were sure they did).

We arrived in Phoenix late Wednesday night. After stopping at a gas station that had "the thing" which was something you could go pay to see. Who knows? They advertised a ton for it along the way though and Davis was anxious to know what it was, but he decided instead of paying he would research it on the internet. I am not sure if he has done that, so I can't let you guys know what it was. Phoenix was HOT! There is not a comfortable temperature at any point in the day. It was 95 degrees there at 10pm when we arrived. Needless to say me and Davis are probably not going to move to Phoenix any time soon. We slept in on Thursday and then went to dinner with Tot and Brian (at a New Mexican, as in the state, restaurant). It was delicious. We then headed to this very redneck bar and played table shuffleboard. Tot & I kicked Dave & Brian's butts. Here are some pictures of that trip.Random funny truck
state border
sunset in Phoenix
Beast & I getting the oil changed
Dave & Tot

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