Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We made it....Seattle is now our home!

After barely sleeping in Olympia because of our excitement that we were ending our long road trip and so close to our new home, we hit the road once more. We only had to drive an hour before we could see the city. It was beautiful and we were super excited to be there. After signing a million papers we received our keys to our new apartment, which is actually much bigger than I think we imagined. We moved our stuff in and then went shopping. We had to buy quite a bit of stuff considering how little we brought.

Since being here we have taken Beast to the market and bought groceries, found a supermarket close to our apartment (although still no Walmart prices), become members of the library, and found the closest Target. We are still trying to organize the apartment and find cheap furniture online.

We love the city and are getting lots of exercise. We went for our first run yesterday in the city (it's neat living here and being able to call someplace home). Considering the first year of being married we didn't really have a home....most things were sent to mom's house and we still lived on campus. (Although we were not going to complain about living on campus because it was FREE!)

Anyway, we have been without internet in our apartment since we have arrived. So we have made use of all wireless internets we have found. We should finally have it in our apartment tomorrow...yay!

As always here are some pictures!
Us in front of the Golden Gate bridge (on a foggy morning)
Climbing the twin peaks in San Fransisco...that's our car at the top of the drivable part
San Fran
Oregon mtns
The city from a distanceThe cityPower T in Seattle
The sound....beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Glad you two made it safely. The city looks cool. I had to look up what the heck a quiche was. Rodeo drive please your from estill. lol If you buy a Mercedes, Bently, Rolls, or Ferrari im not talkin to you pricks Stay in touch. Lee T.

The Raymonds said...

I'm jealous...real bad! Love you guys...glad you made it safely!

Dwayne said...

In your excitement never ever forget,

Home is where your heart is, not where you hang your hat.

So glad your there safe and sound. Enjoy your lives there and don't forget where you came from. Love always Dad