Saturday, August 9, 2008

No Hard Feelings

So...from the comments on our very first post (Life Changes & Lifestyle Changes), it seems that we may have offended/hurt the feelings of a couple of our readers. This is definitely not what we meant to do by any means. I think if we explain ourselves further maybe everyone can understand a little better...

First off, we just sold or gave away about 3/4 of everything that we own. Our little bitty apartment in Seattle just does not have enough room to hold everything we wanted to bring. We only have room for the necessities and a couple of other (small) things we enjoy. That is the reason why we initiated the wish lists. It was kind of just a place for Cindy and I to store ideas of things we would want in the future. We did not create them simply because we didn't enjoy or like the gifts we have received from everyone over the years.

After we came up with the idea, we realized that it might be nice to share with other people, just to give them an idea of stuff we wanted. Here is my thinking behind it: sometimes throughout the year I, for one reason or another (birthday, etc), feel like I should get someone a present. However occasionally I am not really close enough to the person to really know what that person particularly wants at this point in his/her life. At this point I would love to have an easy way to find out what he/she wanted instead of simply buying him/her an item that I think he/she would enjoy. Granted sometimes I'm able to hit a grand slam with the random item and the person LOVES it, but 9 times out of 10 if I were to check back a year later they would have no clue where that gift was I gave them. I am hoping that Cindy and I are not the only people who believe this to be true. So that's where we thought that sharing our personal wish lists with everyone might come in handy.

Now, I never wanted to make a big deal out of this. I don't want it to seem like we are asking for gifts. I was simply going to post once about it to let everyone know that it was out there. But after some of the comments, we felt like maybe we should explain ourselves a little more.

The blog is a space for us to express our feelings and ideas. This was an idea that Cindy and I came up with and are going to implement for gifts for each other because of our space limitations. In thinking about doing this for ourselves we realized how useful something like this would to have for everyone we know. It is simply a tool available if you decide to use it.

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Anonymous said...

i think your wish list is a great idea im a fan. i think the offense was taken in your wording "Therefore, from now on we are only accepting gifts of money or gifts purchased directly off of our online wish lists." i dont think you meant to come across bratty or ungreatful, you probably should have said when the occasion arises that someone might purchase cindy or i a gift, heres a wish list of things we may like to have. food for thought.