Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wonderful Stories...Lessons Learned

We/I had our first delivery service today (of groceries). Back Story: So in Seattle you can grocery shop online and they will deliver them to your door...yeah, i know that is awesome! Anyway, if you know anything about me, you know that I am the most detailed grocery shopper ever. I check price per pound on everything. So I am shopping online for muffin mix and I find the normal packages that makes 6 muffins, little did I know they are like $4/lb because they are light. So I decide to keep looking and I find a 2.5lb box of muffin mix which is awesome because it is only like $1.50/lb. So tonight I go to make my first batch of muffins and come to find out the reason the box weighs 2.5lbs is because it comes with real blueberries in a can in the box so needless to say I didn't really find a deal on muffin mix! But I did experience my first grocery delivery service which was great for the most part (it came with 1 cracked egg, but I went ahead & fix it so I still will have enjoyed all 12).

Tomorrow Davis comes home and I am going to the Seattle School of Fashion's fashion show until he gets here (I am excited about this as fashion is my true love not accounting)!

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