Monday, August 11, 2008

Life without a husband

As most of you know Davis is gone to San Fran for orientation this week :( That means I am in this big city alone with Beast. We are missing him, but it has been a good time for me to clean and get the apartment straightened up.

The night before Davis left we went to Typhoon to eat which is seriously like 10 feet from our place. We love that!

Since he has left I have finished sewing curtains for the bedroom, put pictures on our digital frame, painted our towel rack, and cleaned the sofa. I plan to finish cleaning the entire apartment, get Beast a grooming appointment, and begin studying for the CPA while he is gone.

Here are some new pictures. Oh yeah, we bought a table and couldn't fit it into the car so I sat in the back seat holding it while we drove it home. Good times!

Dave leaving
Our city
Cruise ships
Getting our table home
outside Typhoon
My curry

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Andrew said...

Wow Cin, I didn't know you are so multi-talented. But with Mr. Benson out of the way, now you can take some touristy pictures of the city with Beast.