Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Milk - $2.70

Dad wanted a picture of our $2.70 milk so here it is. This is our milk! While I am posting pictures, I decided to post some of Beast. The first picture is what he does all day which is lay in the hammock on the couch or lay in my lap. The other pictures are of him playing with his new Seattle toy Crabby, the lobster. Yes, it is as big as him. He enjoys Crabby when he actually gets up which is about 10 minutes a day. It is hard to be Beast. I took a part of the CPA test yesterday and felt good about it so I am treating myself tomorrow to Cotton Candy! yum!! Davis comes home in 3 days...yay! The apartment looks soo much different. I have painted, hung the hammock, hung some pictures, printed some pictures for the refrigerator, and cleaned. Although we still have 2 couches! Enjoy! Hopefully we should have something to talk about after this weekend and have some more good pictures of Seattle.

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Davis Benson said...

Oh, I just miss you and ol' Beast! I'll be home soon! Love you!!