Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh the city views!

So I took Beast for a walk today down by the water and took a couple of pictures. I also went up to our rooftop deck and took some so that everyone can pretend they are here with us. It is absolutely gorgeous!

A little bit of other news:
Mandy had her tonsils taken out :(
The twins can pull themselves onto the couch
Jonas feel into the trash can....i wish i could have seen that one
Dave loved his 1st day, but not so much the (apparently lunch time got quite a bit smaller on the 2nd day) and he had to take an accounting test (now he knows a little bit about how I feel)
I am studying once again for the CPA!

So much fun! Oh yeah, and it costs $50 to get a 5lb yorkie groomed here!


The ports...looking off our rooftop
Queen Anne looking off our rooftop
The four seasons they are building right beside us
Another view of the water
The ports looking off the pier
A view from the pier
The aquarium from the pier
See if you can find our building....the four seasons is the building in the left so we are 2 buildings over...the shorter lighter one!

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