Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We made it to Houston!

We arrived in Houston last night after a long day of driving. We met up with ours friends and went out to eat last night. We spent most of today downtown exploring the city. It is miserably hot here. Some interesting facts about Houston: they do not have zoning laws, they have way too many bridges, they have an underground tunnel system so people can avoid the heat, the JP Morgan Chase building, housed in Houston, is the 3rd largest in the US, it is the cheapest place to live with over 2 million people, and there is quite a bit to do for free.

Here are some Houston pictures.....Kids playing in the water because the heat is ridiculous
Police giving the car in front of us a ticket for being on his cell phone
View from the JP Morgan Chase 60th floor
The tunnel system....we were freaked out at first
Us in the tunnel...looks like it is from a scary/zombie movie
City Hall
Another view from above
JP Morgan Chase building

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Tito said...

Glad to hear the first leg was successful. I hope the re-pack went well b/c poor Cin had 0 leg room. Houston's underground tunnel system sounds pretty pimp; I've never heard of it.