Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beach Time!!

It is approximately T minus 4 hours until we start driving for the beach! Well, we as in Cindy and Sandra with myself riding the whole way. Apparently Greg doesn't trust me driving because of my falling asleep problem! Oh well, I hate driving anyways, so it works perfectly.

Speaking of Greg, he is not going to be going to the beach this vacation. Juanita (his mother) is not doing very well at all. She is getting worse everyday, and I think most of us will be surprised if she is able to make it until we get back. So, according to how things pan out with her over the next few days, our vacation plans might slightly change.

Cindy and I now have the Camry fully packed and ready for our trip to Seattle. We plan on returning from Myrtle Beach late Friday evening, so that only gives us until Saturday to finish up anything here. We decided that basically everything needed to be done before we left on vacation and we did succeed at that. Sandra's basement actually looks like a normal basement again with a bar, card table and pool table again.

Well, its bed time for me. Later.

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