Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daddy's Bday!

Dad's 60th birthday is Monday! Since it is a BIG birthday, Mandy and I planned a surprise party for him. We held the party at his house on the lake and invited somewhere around 30 people. The party was a 50's theme and we served coke floats for dessert! It was a wonderful time and most everyone was able to join us. He didn't expect it at all which was awesome because he usually knows everything (or at least he thinks he does)! The only sad part about the night was that in the rush of getting to his house to setup this morning, I forgot my camera which is very unusual. I am disappointed that I do not have any pictures. I was able to lie to my father (I have no idea where I received this trait?) telling him that I was having car problems to get him to come home for the party. Luckily he loves me enough to be right there whenever I need him!

Happy Birthday Dad! We love you!


Dwayne said...

I will be keeping an eye on this blog. I will probably get more info this way. I will send Mom the link also.

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