Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home Improvements

It's amazing how many home improvements one can make especially after buying a brand NEW condo. I don't think a weekend goes by when we are in Seattle that we are not working on the condo. Davis is a slave driver. The good thing about it is we are almost ready for our home warming party :)

This morning we took the dogs to an off leash dog park that is HUGE! There were a ton of dogs and Beast loved every minute of it, but Belle on the other hand is not a big dog fan so she was ready to get out of there. We took them in hopes that Belle would see that other dogs are nice and hopefully improve her social skills, but out of all the dogs in the park Belle was picked to be attacked. A pretty big dog attacked her and I am pretty sure he started off playing, but she gets into a defensive position when dogs are excited and jumpy and therefore the other dog attacked. Everyone was ok, but it definitely was 10 steps BACK for Belle and her social skills. We will keep trying.
the dog park has several entrances into this river and the dogs were loving it
our dogs
Speaking of the dogs, they were both groomed yesterday and are the most beautiful/handsomest dogs ever!

This week Davis actually ran with me...yay! And because his hair is getting long he needed something to hold it back so this is Davis before our run!
he is soooo cool

After the dog park, we went to the Container Store (I love this store). We bought bed side tables, cabinet drawers, and our entry closet. I will post pictures once everything is done. We did get the closet up tonight and the sliding drawers in the cabinets.

We also re-upholstered our bar stools in the kitchen.

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The Raymonds said...

love the new fabric on the bar stools! can't wait to see everything else! Love you!