Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl

As most everyone knows this past Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.....let's rephrase that, some people knew. I was excited to throw a Super Bowl party because Peyton was playing, but none of our friends care about football and therefore none of them even knew that the Super Bowl this past weekend until I told them the previous week. So they definitely did not know who was playing or cared, but I threw a party anyway (any reason to eat and play games). We had a ton of food and we ended up talking and playing board games instead of watching the football game, but it was on in the background! We had a blast as always, we love hanging out with our friends!

I am a picture fanatic, but I somehow managed to not take a single picture during this event. So as everyone was preparing to leave and walking out the door, I called them all back for a picture. We are minus Kristina, but this was our Super Bowl gang this year. Everyone else was in San Fran for the weekend...losers! They missed an exceptional party!
Ali, Emily, Nisha, Sushil, Me, Belle, Davis, and Beast

While I was preparing for our party, Davis was being a handyman. and a rather AMAZING one! I am soooo proud of his 4 hour accomplishment. You would have to know all of our home improvement stories to fully understand how amazing it was to tackle this feat in 4 hours....I should definitely blog about all of our stories.
He had to rent a hammer drill for the concrete because our walls are concrete in some places and he had to rent a power drill that was powerful enough for concrete. He hung the curtain rod, TV, and bedside shelves. GO DAVIS!
new bedroom, now we are only lacking our wall bed

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Dwayne said...

Davis, guess you should have paid attention to what I was doing when you were younger. I told you someday you would appreciate home improvements shows/stores and other stuff. glad to hear you are doing well.