Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Events

Every weekend we spend the majority of our time with our friends and love every minute of it and this weekend was no different. Friday night was Fajitas and game night at George's. As all game nights it was a blast. We started with Hoopla then Balderdash then Twister and then Apples to Apples. Needless to say we were out until 3 AM, which seems to be the case every weekend!
locked out of George's and decided to take a pic
for Mandy because this was our Christmas present from the sis
Sushi being Sushi
me and my love
Farrah, Frankie, and Bob
Davis and his bestest
love this
kissy kissy
girls playing Twister
Davis wearing Sushi's glasses
group hug
Davis, cheerleader at heart
Finale, Davis being Superman

Saturday we took the dogs to the #8 dog park in North America, ran some errands, and had game night at our place. It was a more chill game night and we only played Mexican Train (dominoes).
Mt Rainer
Beast ugly twin
Beast checking out another dog
Belle always stays right with us

Sunday we had a cookout at Farrah's and then we to the park to bask in the sun. We ended up playing volleyball without a net at the park and it was like we were 10 years old again :) Nisha was the only one that took pictures, maybe you will see them pop up on FB.

This week/weekend was also a very exciting week for our home, we designed the final plans for the wall bed and put in the 3 short weeks our wall bed will be installed. We also finished our entertainment piece.
new curtain and boxes
Finished Entertainment Center, yay!

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