Monday, February 15, 2010

Heart Day

I love Valentine's Day, actually I love all Holidays because it is the few times a year that Davis will do anything I ask of him or just do stuff because he feels like being nice! He is an exceptional husband, but he does go above and beyond on these occasions and it is soooo nice!

So our day consisted of: sleeping in as always on the weekends, Davis cooking pancakes and doing dishes, eating ice cream cake (we made it the night before), watching TV/playing PS3, Davis going to work with me, playing/reading to Viv, cooking and eating (Sloppy Joes, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese) with Viv, and after Viv went to bed playing games and watching How I Met Your Mother. What a GREAT day! It was so nice that Davis wanted to go to work with me to spend time together, it meant a great deal to me.
our delicious coffee cheesecake chocolate ice cream oreo cake (it sounds healthy, huh?)
Davis and Viv cooking
our VDay meal, yum yum
Davis reading to Viv
eating the delicious grub

Viv telling everyone Happy Valentines!


The Raymonds said...

What about hi Mandy? Or better yet, hi Jonas & Nolan?

Gerald said...

She is so sweet!