Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Night Out

Davis and I had plans to see Valentine's Day at the 21+ theatre 3 blocks from home last night, but as always I forgot my id and they checked so.....we didn't get to see the movie. The theatre is housed in the same building as one of Seattle's most expensive restaurants, El Gaucho, and we had a giftcard to El Gaucho so we decided to stop by and get dessert. It's not really a stop by kind of place so we had to sit in the bar because we didn't have reservations.....IRONIC huh? That we got kicked out of the movies for not having id and went to a bar. The funny thing about the situation is that we didn't even realize that's what happened until we were sitting there sipping our $15 drinks! It turned into a great night of cocktails and chocolate cake at a well to do restaurant that we/I was not dressed for.

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