Sunday, February 14, 2010

Game Nights

We have started weekly game nights in Seattle. This has been a tradition of mine since Sophomore year of college. I love games and I love friends, so game night is a must. Luckily Davis loves games too :)

This past Friday night was game night, since it was a holiday weekend and I knew people had plans on Sunday that did not include games, and it was one of the best game nights yet. What is great about game night is that after it is all said and done, there are certain "quotes of the night" that will live forever. Wonderful memories is what life is about.
Freddo and Nisha
Davis dancing with Belle, it is super cute!
laughing probably at one of Nisha's quotes of the night
Freddo and Nisha making their trains
me and Sushi Gup
We made our first ever Pad Thai Friday night and it was amazing, I would post the recipe but we kinda made it our own.

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The Raymonds said...

Why am I not surprised that Davis has a mixed drink with Dr Pepper?!? Here's a Davis quote- "Its like dessert in a cup!" Miss you guys and playing some dominos!