Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Plans

Tonight Davis and I are going to watch a baseball game...the Mariners v. Minnesota Twins and I am super pumped! Davis tries to get free tickets every time they are offered through Deloitte and he finally got them!

Saturday is our biggest run in the entire marathon training program...we will be running 20 miles! After the run we have to prep for the birthday BBQ we are throwing on our roof! It should be lots of fun and I am very excited about it. I think there will be somewhere around 20 people attend...we are making friends yay!

I am hoping Sunday I can talk Davis into going sewing machine shopping. That's what mom, Greg, dad, and Barb got me for my birthday!

Here are some pictures and videos (The Can Can Castaways) of my birthday dinner! It was AWESOME! We enjoyed it quite a bit and got some great laughs out of it! Enjoy!
Davis the klepto..yes these are our napkins
us in the alley after the show
art on the table
the menu
my flowers...I love the market

The Can Can Castaways....

The show had some hilarious parts and this was one of them...he was Rainbow Bright before the Robot but I didn't get any footage of that!

Here I go again on my own!

All Journey fans must watch this one!

Wearing Purple

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