Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Grand Finale!

Here is a link you can click and see me and Davis cross the finish line! Our bib numbers were 17274 and 17275.

Also Davis wanted everyone to know that we ran 568 miles since we started our training in January! That's a lot of miles on our Nikes.

Here is another link of pictures. Check out Davis's jump at the finish!


The Raymonds said...

I love the way you jump for joy and Dave does an airplane act! I love you both and we are SO PROUD of you both! Nolan & Jonas said "Go aunt Cincin & Dave!"

gerald said...

way 2 go

Jonathan said...

congrats. thats a lot of miles. hey do you think in Canada, Miles Davis is called Kilometers Davis?

mom said...

Hey baby! I just watched your finish and it was great! I know you two are proud of yourselves; I certainly am!!! Congratulations!