Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Stuff

There is so much........

Below are some updated pictures of Belle and some videos of the kids playing together.
Beast & their new monkey toy
Belle in a bandanna
Belle trying to sit on Beast
Belle laying on the scale
Belle on the computer
She loves the base on the fan
pawing at a ball
mom & dad were cleaning so she laid in all the toys on the couch
the kids laying together
Beast in his favorite spot between the couch and the kitchen counter (& yes this is how he sleeps)

This is a video of the dogs playing and Belle growing. The video starts when she was 8 weeks and goes until present day (she is now 11 weeks)!

This video is of a guy who is always performing somewhere in Seattle. His name is 5 Gallons of Funk and he plays 5 gallon buckets. He is amazing and Davis and I love hearing him!

I finally have a sewing machine of my own!!!!! I am so excited for my birthday I bought myself a sewing machine of which my parents help pay for. I haven't sewed much since high school and it is because I couldn't tote my mom's 1960 singer in a table around with me. I am SUPER excited to start sewing my clothes again! Thank you so much Mom, Greg, Dad, & Barb! I couldn't have better parents!

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