Sunday, June 7, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Here are some pictures of the Mariners game that we went to on Friday...they lost in the 10th inning on account of an error (of which fans were pissed and really rude to the player by booing him off the field). We had a really good time on Deloitte's dime!
The entrance to the field

In deloitte's seats
Our gametime meal
Apparently UW softball team won the NCAA championship this year...this is for Gregory!
Ken Griffey Jr. up to bat in the 10 inning...he obviously didn't do anything impressive because we lost
leaving the game

Saturday was a successful day! Somehow after running 20 miles I was able to cook enough food for 21 people and have a great time celebrating my birthday with friends! Yes, that is correct Davis and I ran 20 miles Saturday morning and it marked the 2 week countdown for our first marathon!

The cookout turned out great as well. We had a crowd and it was great weather (not to hot and not to cool)!
Davis's co-workers
the Michigan crew
Beast found the brat that Davis dropped while grilling
the delicious cake I was a chocolate peanut butter with cream cheese icing (all homemade)
Here is the recipe if anyone wants it
5 lbs of hamburger meat that is the most meat I have ever seen

flowers from Carly....she is too sweet
the 3 birthday kids taking our birthday, George, and Sushil (me & Sushil share a birthday and George's was May 31)

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