Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marathon Count Down!!!!!

t minus 4 days = our first (and possibly last) marathon!

We were just informed that anyone can view a live feed of the finish line via the internet......this means that you in Tennessee can watch Davis and I as we cross the finish line in Qwest stadium in Seattle! Get excited!

You can click here and scroll down to the forth advertisement like box on the right hand side of the page/screen. It says something about viewing live.....you should be able to click there on Saturday and watch.

The race starts at 7AM pacific time.....that is 10AM eastern
Davis and I are planning on finishing together and we think it will take us roughly 5 hours......so that means that you should plan on watching around the 3PM eastern time.

We are excited that we do get to share the HUGE event in our lives with you guys. I have been a little down that my mom and Gregory aren't getting to come. Since Greg just had knee surgery they had to postpone their visit, but they were planning on being here. (Don't feel bad Greg, I would have much rather you had the knee surgery!)

I hope you all enjoy!

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