Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Solstice

This weekend was the Solstice Festival in Fremont. There is always a kick-off parade that begins with naked/painted bike riders so of course Davis and I had to go see what all the talk was about and..... it was awesome!

Being in Seattle....the parade rules are no motorized vehicles (save the planet)! It was very interesting and the parade was around 1.5 hours long (the longest parade I have ever seen)! We rode our bikes over to Fremont which is about 3 miles from downtown because we knew traffic would be ridiculous and it was. There were tons of people and I mean tons! Even was a family event in Seattle. This would never happen in Tennessee, not to mention no one would take their kids even if it was allowed.

It was a very enjoyable time and there is sooo much to do at all of the festivals! I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but there is a festival every weekend of the summer in Seattle.
kick-off with the parade
Batman & Catwoman
me & Dave enjoying the views
a painted bumblebee
Charlie is in the pink hat and the painted girls are his angels
intense art and bikes
yes, he was riding a unicycle and juggling
more intense bikes


a taste of the event (I tried to keep the pictures tasteful)
this is the start of the parade
yes, this guy is in bubble wrap

dresses made entirely of paper and boxeswilderness woman trying to hide from her wilderness man
a crazy bicycle contraption
there were lots of stilts

These next pictures would only happen on the west coast....
I thought this was a neat float thingy.....but apparently (I learned from Davis) this is the flying spaghetti monster which is making fun of religion
this float has marijuana leafs all over it with peace symbols and a guy with a George Bush mask
these people were wearing clothes made entirely from plastic bags and was a save the earth float
American flags w/ peace symbols


The Raymonds said...

That is crazy!

Amanda said...

Very interesting! Evan would have loved that Wolverine!