Monday, July 5, 2010

Tot's Day

The day my best friend becomes a wife. I never really thought about it too much until it was here and I am not really sure why but it was a sad (but happy) day. I don't know if it was because we are growing up and becoming old or if it was that in my mind we are now definitely going down separate roads, but something about your best friend getting married is sad. Maybe it was just because she was so gosh darn beautiful! It was a great day! It was like a college reunion. All of our closest friends have left Knoxville, but 1 and so it was nice to get to see them all back in TN. We obviously flew in from Seattle and there were people from California, Juneau, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. What a great crew :) I loved every minute of getting to see everyone and I look forward to the next wedding that will constitute as a college reunion!

The weather although a bit HOT was perfect! The reception was a blast with lots of dancing, I LOVE to dance so I LOVE receptions!
Tot with the moms at the Chattanooga shower
me and my bestest, well my bestest girl
shower in Sunbright
Rehearsal, singing and dancing
me and the other bestest, I miss him
part of the college crew
Tot with her bridesmaids
getting ready
I love this girl
all ready

welcoming the bride and groom to the reception

me and the Chan man
a song for the bride and groom
me and my love
me and the beautiful bride

My camera died or there would have been a ton more pictures and I am hoping out of everyone there, there will be more picture to come! I don't have any dancing pictures which are much needed :)

Congratulations Tosha and Brian! I am so happy for you both and I hope you have many many years of bliss! I love you both! The wedding was beautiful, job well done!


Tyler Ellis said...

I love how you mentioned where everybody came from except those from Arizona, who were the majority.

Tyler Ellis said...
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