Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Summers in Seattle are the BEST. There are festivals every weekend and I literally mean every weekend. This weekend was called Bite of Seattle, it's where a bunch of food vendors set up shop/tents at/around the Space Needle. It's called bite because the vendors sell smaller portions so that consumers can try different foods all in one place. They also have about 3 different stages with live music. We partook in this Friday night with Freddo, Emily, and Ali (and they had a friend in town, James). Davis had fish n chips and I had pulled pork sandwich. We watched some music and then devoured some frozen custard, yum! After the festival was over, we headed to the Bensons for games and DP and crown. What a night! I/Davis didn't take any pictures of the festival.

Now I feel like I should back up a bit......since summers are so beautiful here and you can't count on this weather any other time, many things are planned in the summer, hence why we are sooo busy.

Monday night Davis and I went to see Eclipse, which is the 3rd movie in the Twilight saga. Personally I think it was the best out of the 3 so far. I loved the books, if you enjoy reading and haven't read them, I definitely suggest them. The movies are a bit cheesy and not near as good as the books, but worth seeing. I love seeing them in theater just to hear the teenage girls "ohh" and "aww", it really makes my night :) Thanks Dave for taking me!

Tuesday night I interviewed for a new family. I hope to have an accounting job this fall but I need a back up plan just in case and since Viv is starting pre-school I need new kiddos. I already have started with 1 new family. The child is a 4 month old girl and I have her 2 days a week. I think we are going to be great together, I am excited to see another infant change daily and reach new milestones.

Wednesday is "girls night in cooking" officially. Hazel Grace, a neighbor has been hoping to get ladies together every Wednesday and cook for some time now and it was official this past Wednesday as 16 wonderful women showed up to eat some veggies. We actually had a guest cook this past week, Patty James. She started the 1st organic cooking school in the US and has been traveling the nation over the past year in an RV gathering data about kids and nutrition. You can read all about her story and passion here. She cooked a delicious meal for us and we enjoyed it over many great conversations. This Wednesday it will just be us Seattle girls cooking, eating, and talking.

Turkey meatloaf with veggies and oats

Wednesday was also my dad's birthday, I hope you had a fabulous day! I miss you and love you bunches!
Thursday was the opening day for the Olympic Sculpture Park Market and of course we were there because it is 2 blocks away. I have been so excited for this because since we bought our condo, we are now roughly 1 mile away from Pike Place Market and don't get down there near as often as I would like. So having a market 2 blocks away is GRAND! I am going to live it up of Thursdays for the rest of the summer!

I have already talked about Friday above.

Saturday was exercise and eat too much day! It was a volleyball, frisbee, soccer, football, corn hole day at Alki beach. Davis and I loaded our new packs with snacks and balls and biked over to West Seattle for a wonderful fun in the sun day! Alki beach is beautiful for many reasons but the main reason is because it has a wonderful view of downtown Seattle. There are always a ton of people over there playing ball, rollerblading, biking, kayaking, scuba diving, or just hanging out and so it's a different scenery from the hustle bustle of downtown and I love it. Our bike ride was great but proving to be very hard on my bottom today. We beat some people at volleyball which really shocked me because we haven't played since we moved out here. It was nice to know that we still had it in us, go team! After exhausting ourselves we headed over to Cactus, a mexican joint on the beach for some drinks and then biked it home.

taking a breather
view of Seattle crossing the bridge, I didn't take any pictures of Seattle from West Seattle, sorry.
Mt Rainer, we will be hiking there next Saturday

After refreshing showers, we drove to 3 different places to eat before settling down at 5 Spot. I once again had a delicious pulled pork sandwich. Something about the summer time makes me want pulled pork. We sat at 5 spot until midnight talking and then all headed for bed. I am sure we all slept wonderfully at least I know I did.
Ali and Emily finding out we had a blog and looking at it on the phone
water in mason jars, I am a fan of 5 spot

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