Thursday, July 29, 2010

A day at the Dog Park

Our dogs are completely different. Beast loves other dogs and does not care for people where as Belle loves people and pretty hates other dogs (besides Beast). It makes it hard to do anything because Belle hates dog parks and Beast hates stores/city noise BUT since Belle is a dog we have decided that she needs to learn to like other dogs so we try to socialize her as much as possible.....and by socializing her I mean this
Yes, this is how she acts at dog parks. She is always right beside one of us and if we stop walking she stands between our feet well mostly dad's feet!

On the other hand Beast completely ignores us!

This is Golden Gardens Park in Ballard. It is a beachfront park with a dog park, beautiful :)

this is Belle actually playing because we were the only ones in the "small dog" park
she loves her (well not really hers, we found it on our roof) ball
Beast checking out the place
the marina

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