Thursday, July 29, 2010

GO Sounders GO

Last night Nisha's company had their summer event and since Sushil was out of town I was the plus 1. Have I mentioned that I love Sushil traveling and I will love it even more when Nish moves to the West side!?! Anyway, the event was dinner and drinks at the Sounds FC v El Salvador game. The Sounders are our professional soccer team BTW. The play at Qwest Stadium which is the Hawk's Nest for you American football fans. It was a ton of fun especially since we won! Afterward we went to a bar for a nightcap and some dancing after which we were offered jobs...yes, the general manager gave us his card if we were interested in dancing there Wednesday nights. I guess it's good to know we don't suck!

Thanks Nish for taking me, I had a great time :)
outside the stadium looking at the city

right after we won, we had GREAT seats
Jannel dancing


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Davis Benson said...

That "CUTE VIDEO HERE" video was hilarious! How did you stumble upon that?