Monday, July 12, 2010


We landed in Seattle last Monday and it was cold, but not for long as it warmed up to 80 the following day. Summer is here and it arrived with us thank goodness! Sushil and Nisha picked us up from the airport which was extremely sweet of them because they live sooo far away, but they are fixing that soon as they are currently looking for somewhere closer to buy, yay! It's always nice to know someone is excited enough to see you that they want to pick you up, thanks guys :)

Since we have been back in Seattle our lives have been busy of course, working during the days and fun stuff at night. Thursday night we cooked out on our roof and it was beautiful and HOT, not complaining though! We have steaks and grilled corn, yum. We of course also played dominoes.

Friday night we went over to the Gupta's for dinner. We had a really yummy pasta and very chocolatey cupcakes (I made them from Barefoot Contessa)...they were really good but Freddo and I were the only ones to destroy 1 whole cupcake! Afterwards we talked and played Catch Phrase.

Ali seeing how many HUGE marshmallows he could fit into his mouth, he thought 3 and was defeated.
us all laughing with him, and Ben to the left could only do 1...yes these marshmallows were bigger than normal
that's 2

Saturday our neighbors toook us to REI to buy hiking gear. I have been wanting to hike for a while now and I mentioned it to our neighbors on Tuesday.....and they were super excited that I was interested and decided to take us to get our equipment and already have 2 hikes planned for us. The first one is in 2 weeks and we are excited to break our gear in! Davis is waering his boots to work in right now.
his pack and boots

only pair of boots I have ever seen him in besides the others he tried on in the store
working with his gear
my pack
my boots

After shopping and I mean shopping, we came back and they cooked us dinner and once again it was delicious! Salmon, rice, and marionberry pie. After dinner, they taught us a new game, hand and foot. I really liked it and I think Davis did as well, it might have something to do with us killing them. We talked a lot of trash and did end up winning by a lot. We are lucky to have such good neighbors :)

Saturday was still not over as we then went to Nisha's co-worker's birthday bash and then Taco Bell, much needed!

Sunday morning started with baking banana muffins for the world cup championship. We watched the game with neighbors in the sky lounge with delicious food again. After the game we went to Farah's for a cookout...more food. It was a beautiful day and we soaked up the sun.

Davis starting the grilling at Farah's

we really enjoyed that this girl fell asleep...we didn't know them but I guess Farah knew her boyfriend, she must have been bored or exhausted or both
Freddo, Farah, Andres, and Carolina
us with Farah

After writing this post, I realized just how much yummy food we have had this weekend! All we did was eat and play games, what a great weekend! We love our Seattle friends!

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Adam Chan said...

That's super you guys got some hiking gear. I can't wait to hear/see about your hikes! :D