Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summers in the City

As another wonderfully BUSY week comes to a close.....

This week Davis was traveling Monday - Wednesday so not much happened. Monday Freddo and I went for a run and then a strolled through the market which is always nice. Wednesday night was girls night cooking and we all brought our favorite summer recipes/food. I love to make pizzas in the summer so I made a homemade tomato basil mozzarella pie that was pretty delicious if I can say so myself.
Thursday night we had planned on going to see Inception with Sushi, Nish, Em, and Ali but NOT 1 but 2 theaters were sold out so we ended up at our place with tons of candy watching a movie in! of course there were DP and crowns involved so it was a great night!
at our Thursday market
I finally found my sunglasses that I thought I had lost but only misplaced
soooo exciting, I love these shades!!

Friday Inception was again sold out at the IMAX 8pm showing so we went to the 5pm showing and I have to say it wasn't that great. It was decent and had great potential, but I think they ruined it. The rest of the night involved pizza and awkwardness (we won't get into the details on that one).

Saturday, a great day of hiking and eating. I learned the great thing about hiking is the amounts of food you can consume, it was awesome! This was mine and Davis' first "real" hiking experience and I thought it was great! Our neighbors took us and it was wonderful. It was the perfect day, you could see Mt Rainier and all her glory perfectly! What a great Saturday :)

posing in my hiking gear
we can see it
the avalanche lillies
perfect rock for lunch and what a beautiful view while eating a PB&J
Davis being Davis, snow in July and 65 degrees

sooo pretty
crossing the bridge or log to see the falls
found it
Spray falls, might have beat Mt Rainier in my opinion. It was stunning!


Tito said...

Those are some gorgeous pictures, Cin. I especially like the one of Dave on the rock. Your composition of that shot was dead on. Not too much sky, the lines lead up from the rock to Dave up to the top of Ranier with that treeline behind that sweeps across. Sounds like you enjoyed the trip. I know one thing I really miss is taking hikes. Good times. Though I am shocked that Mr. 101 Degrees Is Too Cold sat on the snow.

Tyler Ellis said...

I am so proud. There is nothing more soul soothing than nature...especially on a day like you had. As one of my idols says: The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.