Friday, June 4, 2010


Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY and it was a GREAT one! It was definitely the BEST 25th birthday ever! It started at midnight with my new patio chair from Davis, I am super excited about this gift because I love to drink my coffee or smoothie outside in the summer morning sun :) The birthday then continued with many morning phone calls followed by brunch at Peso's. Peso's is the only place I know of that has happy hour brunch, which includes all meals $6. We split 2 entrees, an egg mushroom asparagus scramble and a habanero biscuits and gravy, yum yum! It was delicious :)

poached eggs on top of the biscuits

I then continued the day with a birthday run through the city and waterfront ending at the Starbucks at the Space Needle for my free birthday latte, again YUM!
I then walked home which is a block to enjoy my latte on the patio in my new chair, what a life!
My new patio chair is from IKEA and I never, I mean never go to IKEA without buying Swedish Fish so my wonderful husband carried on that tradition when he bought my chair which was a great surprise because I LOVE these fish!

I then went thrift store shopping and bought 4 outfits for $12. It was GREAT. Pictures soon I promise, although I did wear one of the outfits for my birthday dinner.

We then met up with friends for $5 pizzas at Palomino's and destroyed 10 pizza, hungry much? It was also Sushil's birthday, how awesome is that? I love it that we have the same awesome birthday and we can celebrate together!
3 of the 10 pizzas
Ali and Emily
me and Nish
most of the gang
birthday peeps with Ali and Emily....that's my $1.50 dress from thrift shopping
birthday boy and girl

After dinner we decided to head down to the waterfront for pictures and ice cream, yum again!
James and Song with the mtn backdrop
my peach milkshake
we were sang to and brought sundaes , do you see the enormous amounts of ice cream on the table
boys will be boys
birthday dance

Did I mention that I love eating?!? AND I LOVE ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!

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