Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

Sorry about all the posts in one or two days depending on when I get through them all, but I have been super busy and am just now catching up!

Two weeks ago...Tuesday night was Chuck E Cheese night! It was GREAT fun. We celebrated the boys 3rd birthday by eating pizza, playing games, and cotton candy. I love spoiling them when I am in town, it’s my job! I helped the boys play a lot of games and then I got hooked on a game myself well not myself…..Greg and I started competing in the basketball game and I think we could have played all night.
HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to Nolan and Jonas! You boys are little lights to my life and I love spending time with you when I am in town!

I don't have any pictures of Chuck E Cheese or their actual birthday party because I was playing the whole time.....maybe this will convince my sister to actually send some to me!!!!

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