Monday, June 21, 2010

The Beach

I absolutely love vacations! I love the sun although I am not one to lay out in it, but I do appreciate seeing it early in the mornings especially when it is overlooking the waves of the ocean. Life just doesn't get much better than coffee on the patio overlooking the ocean without a care in the world!

I am blessed to have a momma that also loves vacations and therefore we take a family vacation yearly and have ever since I can remember. This year we were fortunate to have mamaw join us. We (Davis and I) were also fortunate to have our own room and bed, we usually get the couch BUT we upgraded this year and LOVED it, not that we mind the couch though!

Vacations have changed dramatically over the past 3 years as we have increased our family by 2 with the nephews. Next year it will change again as we will have a little niece. These changes are great in their own way, but have definitely changed our vacations from relaxing to never stopping (except for naptime). This vacation was no different. There was always something going on, someone to entertain, or someone upset, but at the end of the day Aunt Cinny was able to read to them, put them to bed, and kiss them good night! I love being an aunt mostly because I can spoil them and then hand them back....that's what it's all about!

As always this vacation included a lot of pool time, a lot of delicious food, and a little game playing!
mom and me after sharing a banana split, we were happy!
all the boys
we caught something, 2 somethings
litte Ava will be with us next year
the girls, we are very outnumbered
hubby and I
mom and Greg

I love that I got this one
my cutie
spoiled much? not at all
rough life
woke up from nap

fort time

Lion faces
mom, the lion
Davis, the lion
the whole crew

Thanks mom and Greg for another wonderful vacation! We had a great time! Love you all!


The Raymonds said...

those are seriously the 2 cutest lil boys I've ever saw!! Ok- so I loved all the pictures and I love that you love my boys so much! They definitely adore their aunt Cinny and no one else matters when you are around! We love you and had a great time on vacation!

Amanda said...

Great family picture!!