Monday, June 21, 2010

Baggage Returns

After arriving in Nashville and realizing that carry-on/checked because there wasn't enough room because we were the last ones on the plane, was delayed in Atlanta and the flight we were on was the last one for the night soooo the luggage wouldn't show up in Nashville until the next day and it was the luggage with all the dog stuff including food and we were leaving the dogs with Davis' brother, Daniel that night because we were heading to the beach in 28 hours.....we decided to have it sent to Knoxville by plane and to our house by van because it had Davis' flip-flops, my computer and phone charger and a random assortment of other things that seemed more important for us to have at the beach than the dogs to have (we did buy them food, we are decent parents). It never showed up at home so we called and called and by we I mean Davis (he is a really good husband)! And by called and called, I mean at least 100 times and I mean Nashville, Knoxville, and Myrtle Beach airports because when it didn't show up at home, we decided to have it flown to Myrtle Beach and delivered to the resort. So after many flights and many airports it was finally delivered to the resort on Sunday, I think....I have slept since then. And all but spilt dog food everywhere it was in tact with everything we needed including my toothbrush although there was dog food in my toothbrush case so luckily Greg had loaned my one because that is and was gross!

But really......this luggage has to be hard to lose!

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