Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

A lot has happened since I last blogged....or at least I feel like a lot has happened! Tito arrived in Seattle on Thursday and I baked a homemade pizza that we thoroughly enjoyed on the roof. It is a vegetarian pizza and it was delicious!
Our Pizza
Beast at dinner
Belle at dinner...this is all she does when we go to the roof (lays in a chair)

Davis spotted Jellyfish on our walk
us in the park
Belle in the park
Mt. Rainier
Myrtle Edwards Park
this is what I get when I ask my husband to take a picture of me and Belle

Friday night we enjoyed our favorite Mexican happy hour with a $3 food menu and then stopped at Red Robin for HUGE milkshakes (they are so yummy!). We then came home and watched Lakeside Terrace with Samuel L Jackson (it was an alright movie).

Saturday we went to Alki beach in West Seattle and it was lined with volleyball courts...there was some sort of tourney taking place. It was soo nice out and Davis's feet got really burnt.

Belle laying in the shade of mom
the boys throwing frisbee on the beach
the volleyball tourney

That night I participated in my friend, Carly's, fashion show at her school. She is a design major at SPU and they put on a show every year. This year's theme was the oppression of humanity and how it was relieved through Christ in the 1970-2000's. Each designer had a different decade to design for and they all did a great job. I was so very proud of Carly. Her designs were definitely the best and she put the whole show together and it turned out great!

me & Carly at the show
one of the dresses I wore at the show for the 1980's

After the show Davis, Tito, and I went to Palamino's for the $5 pizza happy hour. It was great as always!
the market at night
my free cookie that Davis won in Vancouver by the Scrabble peel & play game....apparently the Scrabble game is only being played in Canada because the guy had know idea what I gave him when I gave him the piece, but he gave me a free cookie anyways!
leaving Palamino's

Today we went on the Ride the Ducks tour through Seattle and Lake Union. The ducks are amphibious vehicles that are well know in Seattle because they are always touring. I had been wanting to go because I like to learn new stuff about the city we live in and Tito was in town so it was a perfect opportunity! We learned quite a bit...such as the original color of the Space Needle was orange (Go Vols!) and Seattle has the highest per capita boat ownership.

After the duck tour Davis and I ran our long run of 14 miles and the enjoyed cheeseburgers and fries on the roof! If you can't tell we/I LOVE the roof!
Gas Works Park
the Needle from Lake Union
Lake Union
my future house on the water
downtown view

girls on surf boards paddling
my future boat
passing another Duck in Lake Union
Lake Union from the Aurora bridge
us on the duck

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