Friday, May 15, 2009

!!!!!!BIG NEWS!!!!!

So we are currently in Vancouver for our anniversary trip. We rode the train up this morning and have already eaten 2 lunches and had dessert at Dairy Queen. It's amazing how traveling (although you are sitting still) makes one sooo hungry! After DQ, we went to safeway and picked up some light dinner choices to take with us to the park (1 block away on the water) tonight and picnic while watching the sunset.

Vancouver is beautiful....although I am sure it is not always this gorgeous! (just like does rain). We have a massive room at English Bay Inn Bed & Breakfast and I am super excited about breakfast in the morning. I love B&Bs! We walked a lot today and little did we know that this weekend is a Canadian holiday so it is packed with people!

The train was fun although Davis and I did sleep a lot of the way. We figure we have the trip home to do the sightseeing. We were awake however to see the border and Vancouver from a distance. The border was packed with cars going into the US and we just found out via the news that it is because the Canadian dollar went up so everyone is heading south for deals. (just a little bit of news for you)!

SO for the BIG news!!!!!!!!

We are getting a second child.......Davis told me today that we are going to pick up a female yorkie-poo on Monday (She is mine and Beast's birthday present & we are both sooo excited to have her)! Here is a picture of her and her sister.

Her name is Belle

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Anonymous said...

hope the both of you have a wonderful wk. end. we r here at the trailer park.