Friday, May 1, 2009

I love Fridays!!!

Friday in Seattle was beautiful. It was 63 degrees at 8 am this morning and peaked somewhere around 75. I had many errands to run today after I cleaned our apartment (the nicest thing about living in 500 sq feet is cleaning is a breeze)! After I got home I made us salads and I had picked up a pizza at Costco and to the roof we went! We enjoyed dinner on the roof and then went to Renton to pick up a TV splitter so that we could watch our new TV in bed (yay!) We also decided to go back by Costco and pick up some frozen's only $1.35 for a big cup (that's a GREAT dessert)! Now we are back home and watching True's a vampire HBO TV series.

Align CenterDavis and Beast enjoying laying in bed and watching TV

the new TV hung on the bedroom wall

the view from the roof...this is looking at West Seattle and the Olympic Mtns
me enjoying dinner
Davis eating up....he just finished his run

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Anonymous said...

what a view! seattle is better than tn

r your sunglasses big enough?