Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Gorgeous Sunday

Saturday was a rainy day so we were pretty much lazy all day, although we actually did get out of the house to celebrate cinco de mayo a few days early since Davis was going to be out of town on Tuesday/today. After dinner Davis, Freddo, and I made our way to Cold Stone for some ice cream followed by a game of Scrabble at our place.

Sunday was a wonderful day weather wise. Davis and I completed our goal of 15 miles! It was a huge accomplishment...thank goodness there are only 3 more runs that are longer than 15 miles before the big day. (I think Davis would give up on me if we had to endure many more)!

After our run we took Beast to the dog park because he loves to get out of the house and he LOVES the dog park!

I am posting a picture of Davis prepping for our run because he thinks he looks like the biggest douche ever and will not let me take a decent picture of him, but I am determined and I will get a good full frontal picture one day!

Davis getting ready...he wears a water belt, a head sweatband, 2 wrist sweatbands & looks ADORABLE!
Beast greeting his friends at the park

One of the dogs cooling off in the bath
Beast is under the Great Dane & the Dane is wondering what he is doing
Beast greeting the Dane
Beast playing with someone his own size...this doesn't happen much (he thinks he is HUGE)

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Amanda said...

Beast and that Great Dane are hillarious! Congratulations on your run! I cannot even begin to imagine running that far.