Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom Day!

Today is the first Mother's day that I haven't been able to spend with my WONDERFUL mother! Although I did pick out the cutest outfit for her and even tried it on before I sent it home to here is a picture of me in my mom's Mother's day gift.
Thanks mom for all you have done for me and Davis! We love you so much! You are the BEST. I miss you like crazy and I can't wait to hopefully see you in June and then vacation in August!

Me & Mom in February

Happy Mother's Day Tammy. We hope you had an excellent day! We love you and miss you! You did a fine job raising 2 excellent men.

Davis & his Mom

And Happy Mother's Day to Mandy, my wonderful sister who is a fantastic mother to my gorgeous nephews!
This is an old picture, but it is the newest one of us and the boys

Here are the boys nowadays


The Raymonds said...

So I need to send you updated pictures of the boys! Also, I showed mom the picture of you in her outfit and she said that she tried it on with the shirt out and it looked better :) You love that don't you...but the skirt may be a little too big if she is suppose to wear it up that high! I love you and thanks for the compliments. I try daily to be a wonderful mother but there are def. times that I question that!

Mom said...

Thanks sweetheart for all the kind words. It is easy being a good Mom when you have a daughter as wonderful as you. I am glad that you posted that picture because I tried it on with the shirt out. I will have to try it on again, but if I wear the skirt that high I may have to exchange it for a smaller size. I will try it and see. Thanks again - it is beautiful. As you know I really did miss you, but I did survive.

Love you bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Thank you for the card also. Hallmark - when you care to send the very best!!!

Anonymous said...

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