Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our anniversary trip to Vancouver was a blast! We ate a ton as we explored the city. The train ride was very relaxing and only took about 3.5 hours. We did a run around Stanley park that was beautiful and walked/aquabus to Granville Island (that is where their public market is). We did some shopping. We met quite a bit of people from Europe at our B&B. It was a very relaxing weekend and the weather was absolutely beautiful for us as well.

One of our grand stories.....we were waiting on the bus to take us back to the train station and we thought we had all public transportation systems mastered after our couple free rides in Seattle because we were on the wrong bus heading the wrong direction. We let a bus go by because it was number 21 and we wanted number 23......so after 10 min of waiting another bus comes and guess what it is number 21 so we asked the driver if he was going to the train station and he said yes so we boarded.....I headed to the back of the bus because that is were the luggage belongs and Davis was in the front paying (with dollar bills) and the bus driver says "we don't accept bills".....Davis looks at me in the back of the bus with the look that says we have to get off we are terrible at public transportation in new cities and I am embarrassed when the bus driver says "don't worry about it".....so currently we are 2 for 2 for getting free rides in new cities!

Views from the train
in the park
in the park
the crowded beach
us at the beach
a man's artwork that he worked on all day
our G-money burger at Vera's burger shack
the beach
the sunset....so beautiful
picnic in the park
our Bed & Breakfast
train station
leaving Seattle

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Mom said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary! Hope you had a great day. The trip sounds wonderful and Belle is precious.
Love ya,
Mom & Dad