Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The new Terminator movie opened this weekend and of course we were there Friday night. Davis loves everything Terminator and this movie was no different. I thought it was good as well. Davis and I watched the complete TV series, but it was canceled after this past season :(

Saturday we slept in and had pancakes. I took the dogs for a walk and got a ton of "ohh" & "awww"s from everybody. I also heard a lot of different stories from different people about their dogs/yorkies. It was the longest 2 mile walk I have ever taken, but it was nice to see people smile! After the walk I prepped hamburger meat and cut onions then we headed over to a friend's house for a cookout and games.

Davis being Davis with his least he makes me smile daily!

We did a long run on Sunday, then we took the dogs with us to eat Cajun, grabbed some Cold Stone, then had friends over for game night. We stayed up until 2am playing was a great night!

Today we went to the Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center with the dogs. It was crazy with tons of people, music, and crafts. We did not stay long because it was terrifying to Beast. It was too many people for him (not to mention some drunk guy punched me in the arm while saying "this is my last day alive" and it happened to be the arm Beast was in) so we left. Before leaving we did enjoy a little picnic with PB&J's and cotton candy..yum yum! Davis said it was the most Hippie thing he had ever been to. It was however nice to get the bikes out and take the kiddos along. We are grilling out tonight with Freddo on our roof!

the kids and their basket

our little picnic
some show at the was at the base of the Space Needle (background)
Beast and Dad before it was too scary
love bike rides because of the wind
all done

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